David de Gea quotes

David de Gea is a Spanish professional footballer, who is associated with ‘Manchester United’ and the Spanish national team. He is widely regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world. He was born on 7 November 1990 in Madrid, Spain.

I train every day to be the best goalkeeper in the world; that is my aim.

I had a lot of tough times, and I know what it is. We must move forward, working equally and always strong.

When you have bad moments, you have to improve. You have to become stronger to deal with it, and I believe I have become stronger.

I always try to do my best.

Mistakes are normal; everyone makes them.

With any coach, you have a lot of respect for him, but it is difficult to be their friend.

David de Gea quotes

Everyone knows Iker Casillas. We have all followed him being at the top level for so many years. What he has done for the national team is something impossible to equal. But I try and learn from him when we are there,and train the best I can.

It is great that a goalkeeper as good as Iker has said that I could be the best of them all.

English football is different, especially for a goalkeeper. It’s more aggressive, more physical. It’s far, far harder. The ball is in the air more, and you get pushed about. And the referees don’t blow anything!

David de Gea quotes

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English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
professional [prə’feʃ(ə)n(ə)l] профессиональный profesional पेशेवर 專業的
footballer [‘futbɔːlə] футболист futbolista फुटबॉलर 足球運動員
associated [ə’səusɪeɪtɪd ] связанный asociado जुड़े 相關
widely [‘waɪdlɪ] широко extensamente व्यापक रूप से 廣泛
regard [rɪ’gɑːd] расценивать considerar सम्मान 看待
best [best] лучший mejor श्रेष्ठ 最好
goalkeeper [‘gəulˌkiːpə] вратарь portero गोलकीपर 守門員
Have (had) [hæv] иметь tener है
tough [tʌf] твёрдый difícil कठोर 強硬
Time (times) [taɪm] раз veces समय 時間
know [nəu] знать saber जानना 知道
what [(h)wɔt] что? qué क्या 什麼
must [mʌst] должен debe फफूंदी लगना 必須
move [muːv] двигать movimiento चाल 移動
forward [‘fɔːwəd] Передний adelante आगे 向前
equally [‘iːkwəlɪ] равно Igualmente समान रूप से 相等
always [‘ɔːlweɪz] всегда siempre हमेशा 總是
strong [strɔŋ] сильный fuerte बलवान 強大

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