David Silva Quotes

I have always been strong. My mentality is just that way; that’s why I’ve been around so long.

I am an attacking midfielder, and I have scored goals, but I want to score more and win more.

Football is my passion, and I live for it.

Football is very simple for me.

Stuff happens in football. Sometimes it goes in your favour, sometimes it doesn’t.

I try to enjoy playing football and do my best for the team.

Once you win, you get used to winning, and that’s not a bad thing.

I’ve always said I’m very happy at City.

Someone from the family is always with me in England, and for me, that’s the perfect life.

I’m always proud to wear the colours of Spain.

I enjoy creating goals more than scoring them.

Every derby match is different, just like every season is different.

I pray every night to win the Champions League with City.

David Silva Quotes

I know people say you have to be big and strong to play in the Premier League, but you cannot just judge a player by their size. You have to look at their other qualities, too.

Football is a changeable game. From one day to another, everything could change.

When you don’t win anything, at the end of the day, you cannot say it is a good season.

I pray every night to win the Champions League with City.

Winners don’t believe in fate like others do. They simply cannot accept defeat.

Playing big teams is something I really enjoy – the bigger the team the better.

My life has always gone step by step.

I’m confident I can be a success in English football.

I think you learn to value the important things in life.

I am not too worried about not scoring many goals as long as someone else is.

David Silva Quotes

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