English short stories for beginners free download pdf

One day a cat happens to grab hold of the rooster for its evening meal. She wanted, however, a good excuse for killing the bird.

 “I need to rid the world of you,” she told the rooster, “You constantly make your horrible noises throughout the night, interfering with men’s much-needed sleep. The world will be better off without you.”

“No,” said the rooster, “I crow for the good of men. I wake them up each morning when it is time for them to start work for the day, so that they may earn their living.”

“Ridiculous!” said the cat, and she ate him. 

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English short stories for beginners free download pdf


English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
cat [kæt] кот gato बिल्ली
happen [‘hæp(ə)n] случаться ocurrir होना 發生
grab [græb] схватывать agarrar लपकना
hold [həuld] держать sostener पकड़ 保持
rooster [‘ruːstə] петух gallo मुरग़ा 公雞
its [ɪts] его sus आईटी इस 它的
evening [‘iːvnɪŋ] вечер noche शाम 晚間
meal [miːl] еда comida भोजन 膳食
want [wɔnt] желать querer चाहते हैं
however [hau’evə] как бы ни sin embargo तथापि 然而
excuse [ɪk’skjuːs ], [ek’s-] извинение excusa बहाना 藉口
kill [kɪl] убивать matar हत्या
bird [bɜːd] птица pájaro चिड़िया
need [niːd] необходимость necesitar जरुरत 需要
rid [rɪd] освобождать eliminar छुटकारा
world [wɜːld] мир mundo विश्व 世界
Tell (told) [tel] говорить contar कहना 告訴
constantly [‘kɔn(t)stəntlɪ] непрерывно constantemente निरंतर 經常
make [meɪk] делать hacer बनाना 使
horrible [‘hɔrəbl] жуткий horrible भयंकर 可怕
noise [nɔɪz] гам ruido शोर 噪聲
throughout [θru’aut] через en todo भर 始終
night [naɪt] ночь noche रात
interfering [ˌɪntə’fɪərɪŋ] настырный entrometido दखल देना 干擾
sleep [sliːp] спать dormir नींद 睡覺
better [‘betə] лучше mejor बेहतर 更好
without [wɪ’ðaut] без sin के बग़ैर
crow [krəu] карканье cuervo कौआ 烏鴉
man (men) [mæn] человек hombre आदमी
wake [weɪk] просыпаться despertar जगाना 喚醒
up [ʌp] вверх arriba ऊपर 向上
each [iːʧ] каждый cada से प्रत्येक
morning [‘mɔːnɪŋ] утро Mañana सुबह 早上
when [(h)wen] когда? cuando कब 什麼時候
them [ðem] они ellos उन्हें 他們
start [stɑːt] начало comienzo प्रारंभ 開始
they [ðeɪ] они ellos वे 他們
earn [ɜːn] зарабатывать ganar कमाना
their [ðeə] их su जो अपने
living [‘lɪvɪŋ] образ жизни vivo जीवित 活的
ridiculous [rɪ’dɪkjələs] нелепый ridículo हास्यास्पद 荒謬
eat (ate) [iːt] есть comer खाना खा लो
him [hɪm] его él उसे

English short stories for beginners free download pdf


English short stories for beginners free download pdf

 One day, while my friend and I were traveling through Germany, we were very hungry but we didn’t have a lot of money. We decided to stop at a village market to get a few groceries.

I chose some cookies and went to the front counter to pay. Near the counter I saw some packaged cookies in a large bin. They looked good and were a lot cheaper than the ones I had in my hand, so I took them instead. We left the store and looked for a place where we could eat. We found a quiet place under a tree and we ate our sandwiches first, and then the cookies and We thought they were great.

«Let’s get these again,» I said. «They’re cheap and they really taste good.»

My friend can read some German, but I can’t, so I gave her the package so she could look for the brand name. She looked at it and then started to laugh.

«Why are you laughing?» I asked.

«Because they’re dog biscuits!» she said.

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