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Once, there was a man who kept many Bees on his farm. His farm had many beehives that contained honeycombs.

One day, when the Beekeeper was away, a thief crept into his farm and stole all the honeycombs. Most of the Bees had gone to the meadow to collect honey. The thief took out the honeycombs and put them away in his basket. The Bees that were in the beehive did not sting the thief. After a few hours, the Beekeeper returned and went to check on the beehives.

Alas! The beehives were empty “Who could have taken the honeycombs?” he said. The Beekeeper was confused and looked around to see if anyone was there By evening, the Bees returned from the pastures and found the Beekeeper near their beehive. The Bees saw there were no honeycombs! So they stung the Beekeeper, fiercely.

The Beekeeper said to the Bees in anger, “You worthless creatures! You let the man who stole your honeycombs get away with no punishment. I take care of you and you show me your anger!”

We need to know who our friend is, and who our enemy is.

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English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
Bee (bees) [biː]  Пчела abeja मधुमक्खी 蜜蜂
beekeeper [‘biːˌkiːpə] пасечник apicultor शहर की मक्खियां पालनेवाला 養蜂人
beehive  [‘biːhaɪv] улей Colmena मधुमक्खी का छत्ता 蜂窩
Contain (contained)  [kən’teɪn] содержать в себе contener नियंत्रित करना 包含
honeycomb [‘hʌnɪkəum] медовые соты panal मधुकोश का 蜂窩
thief  [θiːf] вор ladrón चोर
Creep (crept)  [kriːp] ползать Arrastrarse रेंगना 爬行
Steal (stole) [stiːl] воровать robar चुराना
meadow [‘medəu] луг prado घास का मैदान 草地
collect [kə’lekt] собирать recoger इकट्ठा 蒐集
honey [‘hʌnɪ] мёд miel शहद 蜜糖
Sting (sting)  [stɪŋ] жало picadura डंक
alas  [ə’læs] увы! Ay हाय
Confuse (contained)  [kən’fjuːz] смешивать Confundir भ्रमित 迷惑
pasture [‘pɑːsʧə] выгон pastar चरागाह 牧場
Find (found)  [faɪnd] находить Encontrar पता लगाना
fiercely  [‘fɪəslɪ]   свирепо ferozmente जमकर 激烈
anger [‘æŋgə] гнев enfado गुस्सा 憤怒
worthless [‘wɜːθləs] ничего не стоящий sin valor बेकार 無用
creature  [‘kriːʧə] создание criatura जंतु 生物
enemy  [‘enəmɪ] врагтивник enemigo दुश्मन 敵人

English stories to improve spoken English pdf

The brave Lion and the Elephant

Once, a Lion sat thinking by himself. He had sharp, strong claws and teeth and was a beast with immense strength. Yet, whenever he heard a Cock crowing, he would be extremely scared.

The Lion, thus, complained, “Can a life like this be worth living? I am one of the strongest and the bravest and yet, a lowly creature, such as, a Cock has the power to rob my life of its charm by simply crowing!” Just then, a huge Elephant came along, flapping his ears to and fro, with an air of great concern. “What troubles you so?” asked the Elephant.

The Lion thought of sharing his grief with the Elephant and asked him, “Can anything harm a beast like you who has tremendous bulk and strength?” The Elephant replied, “Do you see this little Gnat? If he ever stings the innermost parts of my ear, I will go mad with pain.”

The Lion understood that even the strongest creatures have weak points. He gained self-confidence and decided never to let troubles overshadow his joys in life.

English stories to improve spoken English pdf

A Wizard and a beautiful Mouse

Long ago, there lived a great Wizard. One day, as he was walking through the village, a Mouse fell to the ground from the beak of a crow. He picked up the Mouse and fed him some rice.

Then, one day, the Wizard saw a Cat chasing the Mouse around the village. Scared that his pet Mouse would be killed by the Cat, he turned the Mouse into a Cat so that it could defend itself.

The next day, the Wizard saw his Cat frightened by a Tiger and  immediately changed him into a Tiger.

The villagers said, “That’s not a Tiger! It’s just a Mouse that the Wizard changed into a Tiger. He won’t eat us or even scare us.”
When the Tiger heard this, he was furious with the Wizard. He thought, ‘As long as the Wizard is alive, the truth about my real nature will always be spoken!’

But as soon as the Wizard saw the Tiger coming, he understood his plan and shouted, “Get back into the form of a Mouse.”
The Tiger shrank and became a little Mouse, once again.

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