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Once, there lived a Thief in a kingdom. One day, he stole a Church bell and ran into the forest. Soon, a Tiger saw the Thief, pounced upon him and killed him. The bell dropped to the ground.

Some Monkeys found the bell and started playing with it. When the people found the Thief’s body they thought, ‘A monster must have killed him and then rung the bell? He will kill all of us now!’

They got scared and started leaving the kingdom.

One day, a brave and clever woman was passing through the forest and saw the Monkeys playing with the bell.
She had a plan and told the King, “Your Majesty! The monster can be conquered. But it will cost money.”

The King agreed to pay her a large sum of money as he was concerned about the safety of his people.

Then, the woman collected a lot of fruits and pretended to pray. Later, she kept them under a tree in the forest, and waited, nearby. When the monkeys saw the fruits, they dropped the bell and rushed down.

She quickly picked up the bell and ran back to the city.

Intelligence and courage will bring success.

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English story for learning english pdf

Vocabulary in Russian , Spanish, German and Chinese .

English Pronunciation Russian Spanish
thief [θiːf] вор ladrón
kingdom [‘kɪŋdəm] королевство Reino
Steal (stole) [stiːl] воровать robar
church [ʧɜːʧ] церковь Iglesia
bell [bel] колокол campana
forest [‘fɔrɪst] лес bosque
soon [suːn] скоро pronto
pounce [paun(t)s] хватать когтями atacar súbitamente
scare [skeə] пугать asustar
brave [breɪv] храбрый valiente
monster [‘mɔn(t)stə] чудовище monstruo
clever [‘klevə] умный inteligente
pass [pɑːs] идти pasar
Your Majesty Your Majesty Ваше величество Su Majestad
conquer [‘kɔŋkə] завоёвывать conquistar
collect  [kə’lekt] собирать recoger
pretend [prɪ’tend] притворяться fingir
nearby  [ˌnɪə’baɪ] близлежащий cerca
drop  [drɔp] капать caer
rush  [rʌʃ] бросаться precipitarse
quickly [‘kwɪklɪ] быстро con rapidez
intelligence  [ɪn’telɪʤ(ə)n(t)s] интеллект inteligencia
courage  [‘kʌrɪʤ] бесстрашие valor

English story for learning english pdf


English Pronunciation German Chinese
thief [θiːf] Dieb
kingdom [‘kɪŋdəm] Königreich 王國
Steal (stole) [stiːl] Stehlen
church [ʧɜːʧ] Kirche 教會
bell [bel] Glocke
forest [‘fɔrɪst] Wald 森林
soon [suːn] bald 不久
pounce [paun(t)s] springen
scare [skeə] erschrecken
brave [breɪv] mutig 勇敢
monster [‘mɔn(t)stə] Monster- 怪物
clever [‘klevə] klug 聰明
pass [pɑːs] passieren 通過
Your Majesty Your Majesty Eure Majestät 陛下
conquer [‘kɔŋkə] erobern 征服
collect  [kə’lekt] sammeln 收集
pretend [prɪ’tend] vorgeben 假裝
nearby  [ˌnɪə’baɪ] in der Nähe 附近
drop  [drɔp] fallen 下降
rush  [rʌʃ] eilen
quickly [‘kwɪklɪ] schnell 很快
intelligence  [ɪn’telɪʤ(ə)n(t)s] Intelligenz 情報
courage  [‘kʌrɪʤ] Mut 勇氣

English story for learning english pdf



Just as a great Bear rushed to seize a stray kid, a Lion leaped from another direction upon the same prey. The two fought furiously for the prize until they had received so many wounds that both sank down unable to continue the battle. Just then a Fox dashed up, and seizing the kid, made off with it as fast as he could go, while the Lion and the Bear looked on in helpless rage.

“How much better it would have been,” they said, “to have shared in a friendly spirit.”

Moral: Those who have all the toil do not always get the proft.


A Wolf had been hurt in a fght with a Bear. He was unable to move and could not
satisfy his hunger and thirst. A Sheep passed by near his hiding place, and the Wolf called to him.

“Please fetch me a drink of water,” he begged, “that might give me strength enough so I can get me some solid food.”

“Solid food!” said the Sheep. “That means me, I suppose. If I should bring you a drink, it would only serve to wash me down your throat. Don’t talk to me about a drink!”

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English story for learning english pdf

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