Free english short stories for beginners pdf

Once upon a time, a Bear lived in the forest. He was huge and would eat a lot of food. However, he was very lazy. So, he enjoyed eating the remains of the prey left by the bigger animals.

One day, the lazy Bear felt very hungry. He could not find any food around his den. The poor Bear waited and waited. Then, he started walking in search of food. He thought to himself, ‘Oh! How I would love to eat some bamboo or fruits! But I would be the happiest if I found a beehive with honey!’

Now, at the end of the forest, there was a rocky shore along the big blue sea. The Bear soon reached the rocky shore. There, he found a firm rock and held on to it. He lowered his furry legs into the cold water and waited. Some Crabs that lived in the sea caught the`               

Bear’s fur, thinking it was their prey. The Bear, at once, pulled his legs up and shook off the Crabs on the rock. Then he enjoyed the food he had cleverly collected all over his legs.

Even the lazy think of good ideas, when they are hungry.

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English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
forest [‘fɔrɪst] лес bosque वन 森林
huge [hjuːʤ] большой enorme विशाल 巨大
however [hau’evə] как бы ни sin embargo तथापि 然而
remains [rɪ’meɪnz] остаток permanece अवशेष 遺跡
prey [preɪ] добыча presa शिकार 獵物
den [den] берлога guarida मांद 巢穴
Think (thought) [θɪŋk] думать pensar सोच 認為
bamboo [bæm’buː] бамбук bambú बांस
happiest happiest самый счастливый más feliz सबसे खुशी 最幸福
find (found) [faɪnd] находить encontrar खोज
beehive [‘biːhaɪv] улей Colmena मधुमक्खी का छत्ता 蜂窩
honey [‘hʌnɪ] мёд miel शहद 蜜糖
rocky [‘rɔkɪ] каменистый rocoso चट्टान का 岩石
shore [ʃɔː] берег apuntalar किनारा 支撐
Reach (reached) [riːʧ] протягивать alcanzar पहुंच 達到
firm [fɜːm] крепкий empresa ठोस 公司
rock [rɔk] скала rock चट्टान
lower (lowered) [‘ləuə] спускать inferior कम 降低
furry (fur) [‘fɜːrɪ] меховой peludo पोस्तीन का 毛茸茸
Catch (caught) ловить; поймать; схватить [kæʧ] Captura पकड़ 抓住
Pull (pulled) [pul] тянуть Halar खींचें
Shake (shook) [ʃeɪk] трясти сотрясать sacudir हिलाना
cleverly cleverly умно hábilmente चालाकी से 巧妙
even [‘iːv(ə)n] даже incluso यहाँ तक की 甚至

Free english short stories for beginners pdf

The Dog

Linda Robinson was very thirsty so she went into a cafe. There was an old woman in the cafe. She was sitting near the door at a table. At her feet, under the table, there was a small dog.  Linda bought a glass of lemonade and some cookies. She sat down at the table next to the old woman.

The old woman sat quietly. She looked lonely. Linda decided to be kind and talk to the old woman. “It is very hot today,” she said.  “Yes, but it is nice inside here.” replied the old woman.

Linda looked at the dog and asked, “Does your dog like people.” The woman answered, “Oh! Yes! She loves people.” Linda wanted to give the dog a cookie. So she asked, “ Does your dog like cookies?”

Free english short stories for beginners pdf

Free english short stories for beginners pdf

“They are his favorite food.” said the old lady. Linda was terribly afraid of dogs so she asked, “Does your dog bite?” The old woman smiled and said, “ NO! My dog is very tame. She is even afraid of cats!”

Linda took a cookie in her hand and reached under the table. She put it near the dog’s mouth. But the dog didn’t bite the cookie, she bit her hand! Linda jumped up, spilling her lemonade. She screamed, “I thought you said, your dog didn’t bite.”

The old woman looked at Linda and then at the dog.    Then she said,  


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