Mauricio Pochettino Quotes

I think the most important thing is to keep going and fighting to be in a good position. Like many clubs say, to be in the top four is a massive success.

I feel very important at Tottenham, very comfortable, and I enjoy the journey a lot.

It’s important to have the opportunity to learn.

Managers and players at different clubs, it’s difficult to compare.

For me, every single game is an opportunity to improve.

The best agent for me is myself.

To be a player is so difficult.

My life is 24 hours talking about football. For me, it is every conversation, every action. It is my life, my passion.

If you win, of course celebrate and show the fans you’re happy – it’s fantastic – but when you win a trophy, when you win something special.

For me, Jose Mourinho is one of the best managers in the world. I don’t think he needs to show anyone that he is one of the best.

I am a very lucky person because I am not focused on social media and all that happens around.

The most important thing is how you are made to feel in your home.

Mauricio Pochettino Quotes

When you talk about Beckham, he’s a massive world icon.

You never know in football.

When English football started to integrate more with European football, England started to share the Latin culture more.

It motivates me, being a parakeet and living for so many years in Barcelona. Going back to the city is always something nice, and playing against Barca, too.

The most important thing is to explain day by day that life is very short, and we need to spend the day thinking and enjoying life. We can’t been thinking too much and worrying about what is happening tomorrow.

It is always in our dream to win, and you need to dream of bigger things.

For me, family and football are the most important things. They are in the same level.

I love it when the people celebrate when they beat you.

Always, you miss all the players when they are injured.

Always it is important to improve.

The most important club in the world is Tottenham. And it is the best club in the world. I need to feel like this, and that emotion is real because I cannot be fake. It’s too difficult to create the trust if you don’t really believe, and it’s not real, that emotion.

A lot can happen in football.

Sometimes, my kids say to me, ‘Ah, you played with Maradona; you played with this, or you played with that.’ And they are so proud.

I enjoy my time in Tottenham a lot.

Sometimes when you have lost, you don’t want to speak to anybody.

Mauricio Pochettino

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