Short stories in English pdf free download for beginners

A dog was walking home with his dinner, a large slab of meat, in his mouth. On his way home, he walked by a river. Looking in the river, he saw another dog with a handsome chunk of meat in his mouth.

“I want that meat, too,” thought the dog, and he snapped at the dog to grab his meat which caused him to drop his dinner in the river.

Too much greed results in nothing.

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English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
his [hɪz] его su उनके 他的
reflection [rɪ’flekʃ(ə)n] отражение reflexión प्रतिबिंब 反射
Walk (walking) [wɔːk] ходить caminar टहल लो 步行
home [həum] дом casa होम
with [wɪð] с con साथ में
dinner [‘dɪnə] обед cena रात का खाना 晚餐
large [lɑːʤ] большой grande विशाल
slab [slæb] кусок pedazo टुकड़ा
meat [miːt] мясо carne मांस
mouth [mauθ] рот boca मुंह
way путь путь camino मार्ग 辦法
walk (walked) [wɔːk] идти caminar टहल लो 步行
river [‘rɪvə] река río नदी
another [ə’nʌðə] ещё один otro एक और 另一個
handsome [‘hæn(d)səm] значительный hermoso सुंदर 英俊
chunk [ʧʌŋk] ломоть pedazo टुकड़ा
want [wɔnt] желать querer चाहते हैं
too [tuː] излишне también बहुत
Think (thought) [θɪŋk] думать pensar सोच 認為
snap [snæp] треск chasquido स्नैप
grab [græb] схватывать agarrar लपकना
which [(h)wɪʧ] который? cual कौन कौन से 哪一個
cause [kɔːz] причина porque कारण 原因
drop [drɔp] стекать каплями soltar ड्रॉप 下降
much [mʌʧ] богатый mucho बहुत 許多
greed [griːd] жадность codicia लालच 貪心
result (results) [rɪ’zʌlt] результат resultado परिणाम 結果
nothing [‘nʌθɪŋ] ничего nada कुछ भी तो नहीं 沒有

Short stories in English pdf free download for beginners

The Birthday present

Short stories in English pdf free download for beginners

 A woman needed to buy her mother a birthday present. She didn’t know what to buy her mother. She only had one day to buy her mother something.

So she went out window shopping. Soon enough, she walked by a pet store window. She thought to herself, “What a lovely idea for a present! My mother is so lonely and she needs a pet.”

The woman went into the store and saw many wonderful animals. Puppy dogs, fluffy cats,gold fish, cute mice. But the woman didn’t think these were special enough. She asked the manager if he had a pet that was really special.  

The manager thought for a moment and replied, “Yes, but it costs a lot of money. $5,000” “I  have  a  parrot  that  can  speak  7  languages,  Chinese,  English,  French,  Korean,  German, Russian and even Hindi!”  

The woman said, “Perfect” and bought the bird. She sent it by special delivery to her mother, so she would get it the next day.  

The next evening after work, the woman called her mother. She asked, “How do  you like your birthday present.”

Her mother replied, “Thank you, IT’S DELICIOUS!” 

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