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One day at work, Amanda received a beautiful flower bouquet. In it, she counted 11 flowers and found a short note in it. It was written in beautiful lettering and said:

My love for you will last until the day the last flower in this bouquet dies.”4

The note was from her husband who had gone on a business trip. Unsure as to what to make of the message, she went home in the evening and soaked the flowers with water. One day after another, the flowers became a little less beautiful until they all died. All but one flower. This was the day when she realized that there was one artificial flower in the bouquet that would last forever.

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English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
bouquet [bu’keɪ] букет ramo पुष्प गुच्छ 花束
count (counted) [kaunt] вычисление contar गिनती 計數
find (found) [faɪnd] находить encontrar खोज
note [nəut] заметка Nota ध्यान दें 注意
last [lɑːst] последний último अंतिम 持續
unsure [ˌʌn’ʃǔə] неуверенный inseguro अनिश्चित 不確定
Soak  (soaked) [səuk] погружать empapar भिगोना 浸泡
less [les] меньший Menos कम से
Realize (realized) [‘rɪəlaɪz] осознавать darse cuenta de जानना 實現
artificial [ˌɑːtɪ’fɪʃ(ə)l] искусственный artificial कृत्रिम 人造
forever [fə’revə] навсегда por siempre सदैव 永遠

Short stories pdf for beginners

The Dog and His Master

There lived a hunter in a village with his family. He also had a pet dog that was very faithful. One day, the hunter had to leave the house for one day, so he went to the city with his wife. He left his son with his faithful dog. That night, a wolf came into the house and attacked the baby. On seeing this, the faithful dog pounced over the wolf and fought with him. After a long fight, the dog killed the wolf.

The next morning, the hunter and his wife returned from the city. The dog was waiting outside for his master. When he saw his master, he licked its feet. The hunter saw the stains of blood on the dog’s mouth.

He thought that the dog had killed his son. He became very angry and killed the dog with his gun. Then he rushed inside to have a look at the baby. When he found his son safe inside him, he wept bitterly.

Short stories pdf for beginners

Next Story: The Fox and the Lion

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