Easy stories in english for beginners pdf

Easy stories in english for beginners pdf Download

James Willy from Canada

We have long, cold winters and short, hot summers. We have a holiday home near a lake, so in summer I go sailing a lot and I play baseball, but in winter I often play ice hockey and go ice-skating.

My favorite season is autumn, or fall, as we say in North America. I love the colors of the trees-red, gold, orange, yellow, and brown.

Easy stories in english for beginners pdf-"Manuela De Silva from Portugal"

Manuela De Silva from Portugal

People think it’s always warm and sunny in Portugal, but January and February are often cold, wet, and grey. I don’t like winter. I usually meet friends in restaurants and bars and we chat. Sometimes we go to a Brazilian bar.

I love Brazilian music. But then suddenly it’s summer and at weekends we drive to the beach, sunbathe, and go swimming. I love summer.

Easy stories in english for beginners pdf-"Toshi Suzuki from Japan"

Easy stories in english for beginners pdf

Toshi Suzuki from Japan

I work for Pentax cameras, in the export department and I don’t have a lot of free time, but I have one special hobby-taking photographs, of course! I like taking photographs of flowers, especially in spring.

Sometimes, after work, I relax in a bar near my office with friends. My friend, Shigeru, likes singing pop songs in the bar. This has a special name, ‘karaoke’. I don’t sing-I’m too shy!

Easy stories in english for beginners pdf


English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
near [nɪə] ближний cerca पास में
lake [leɪk] озеро lago झील
summer [‘sʌmə] лето verano गर्मी 夏季
sailing [‘seɪlɪŋ] парусный спорт navegación नौकायन 帆船
season [‘siːz(ə)n] время года temporada ऋतु 季節
autumn [‘ɔːtəm] осень otoño पतझड़ 秋季
Colour (color) [‘kʌlə] цвет color रंग 顏色
red [red] красный rojo लाल 紅色
people [‘piːpl] люди gente लोग
think [θɪŋk] думать pensar सोच 認為
wet  [wet] мокрый mojado भीगा हुआ
chat  [ʧæt] разговаривать charla बातचीत
suddenly  [‘sʌd(ə)nlɪ] неожиданно repentinamente अचानक से 突然
beach [biːʧ] берег playa समुद्र तट 海灘
special [‘speʃ(ə)l] особый especial विशेष 特別
relax [rɪ’læks] ослаблять relajarse आराम करें 放鬆
singing  [‘sɪŋɪŋ] пение canto गायन 唱歌
shy [ʃaɪ] застенчивый tímido शर्मीला 害羞

Easy stories in english for beginners


English Pronunciation Indian Chinese
near [nɪə] पास में
lake [leɪk] झील
summer [‘sʌmə] गर्मी 夏季
sailing [‘seɪlɪŋ] नौकायन 帆船
season [‘siːz(ə)n] ऋतु 季節
autumn [‘ɔːtəm] पतझड़ 秋季
Colour (color) [‘kʌlə] रंग 顏色
red [red] लाल 紅色
people [‘piːpl] लोग
think [θɪŋk] सोच 認為
wet  [wet] भीगा हुआ
chat  [ʧæt] बातचीत
suddenly  [‘sʌd(ə)nlɪ] अचानक से 突然
beach [biːʧ] समुद्र तट 海灘
special [‘speʃ(ə)l] विशेष 特別
relax [rɪ’læks] आराम करें 放鬆
singing  [‘sɪŋɪŋ] गायन 唱歌
shy [ʃaɪ] शर्मीला 害羞

The Dirty Pig

Easy stories in english for beginners pdf-"The Dirty Pig"

One fine day, a dirty pig was soaking himself in a pool. A thirsty lion came to drink water, but unable to bear the heavy stench went away. The foolish pig thought that the lion cowed down seeing him and excitedly challenged him to a duel. “Maybe tomorrow,” replied the lion and turned away from the smelly pig. The pig went home and told his parents how he had challenged a coward lion. “What have you done you, foolish pig? It’s not you but your stench that made him run away,” explained his father.

The dirty pig’s excitement crashed instantly. His father suggested that he should leisurely roll in the dirty waters so that he might stink even more and then meet the lion. The pig listened to his father. As soon as the lion approached him, the foul smell spread around and he ran away unable to bear it. Since then, pigs always keep themselves dirty so that no animal might come near them.

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