Funny Short Stories

One day, while my friend and I were traveling through Germany, we were very hungry but we didn’t have a lot of money. We decided to stop at a village market to get a few groceries. I chose some cookies and went to the front counter to pay. Near the counter I saw some packaged cookies in a large bin. They looked good and were a lot cheaper than the ones I had in my hand, so I took them instead.

We left the store and looked for a place where we could eat. We found a quiet place under a tree and we ate our sandwiches first, and then the cookies and We thought they were great.

Funny Short Stories

“Let’s get these again,” I said. “They’re cheap and they really taste good.”

My friend can read some German, but I can’t, so I gave her the package so she could look for the brand name. She looked at it and then started to laugh.

“Why are you laughing?” I asked.

“Because they’re dog biscuits!” she said.

Funny Short Stories



English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
Cookie (Cookies) [‘kukɪ] домашнее печенье Galleta कुकी 曲奇餅
while [(h)waɪl] в то время как mientras जबकि
Travel (traveling) [‘træv(ə)l] путешествовать Viajar यात्रा 旅行
through [θruː] через mediante के माध्यम से 通過
hungry [‘hʌŋgrɪ] голодный hambriento भूखे पेट 飢餓
Decide (decided) [dɪ’saɪd] принимать Decidir तय 決定
village [‘vɪlɪʤ] деревня pueblo गाँव
market [‘mɑːkɪt] базар mercado बाजार 市場
get [get] получить obtener प्राप्त 得到
groceries groceries продукты comestibles किराने का सामान 雜貨
Pay (paid) [peɪ] платить paga वेतन 工資
bin [bɪn] закром, ларь compartimiento बिन 箱子
Cheap (cheaper) [ʧiːp] дешёвый Barato सस्ता 廉價
instead [ɪn’sted] вместо; взамен en lugar बजाय 代替
quiet [‘kwaɪət] тихий tranquilo चुप 安靜
eat (ate) [iːt] есть, поедать comer खाना खा लो
Think (thought) [θɪŋk] думать, мыслить pensar सोच 認為
taste [teɪst] вкус gusto स्वाद 味道
give (gave) [gɪv] дать, подать dar देना
package [‘pækɪʤ] пакет paquete पैकेज
can (could) [kæn] уметь poder कर सकते हैं
Laugh [lɑːf] смех risa हसना
biscuit [‘bɪskɪt] сухое печенье galleta बिस्कुट 餅乾
Say(said) [seɪ] сказать decir कहना

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