Inspirational short stories about love

In 1907, David Hurd moved from his hometown in Jamaica to New York City. The migration wasn’t easy for the young man and he became terribly homesick.

He missed his hometown and the company of his friends. In order to distract himself, David Hurd began searching for a potential pen-friend from his homeland. He found a woman called Avril Cato from the Caribbean who was interested in establishing a correspondence with him.

The two slowly got to know each other, with one letter after the other. One year later, the two had fallen in love with each other, without having ever met. Seven years later, Avril and David met for the first time.

It was the day before their wedding, as David had proposed to her shortly before. The two married and had six children.

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English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
migration [maɪ’greɪʃn] переселение migración प्रवास 移民
Become (became) [bɪ’kʌm] становиться Volverse बनना 成為
terribly [‘terəblɪ] страшно terriblemente बहुत 可怕
homesick [‘həumsɪk] тоскующий по дому nostálgico घर के बाहर रहने से खिन्न 想家
order [‘ɔːdə] порядок orden क्रम 訂購
distract [dɪ’strækt] отвлекать distraer विचलित 轉移
himself [hɪm’self] себя él mismo स्वयं 他自己
homeland [‘həumlænd] отечество patria मातृभूमि 家園
find (found) [faɪnd] находить encontrar खोज
establishing establishing создание estableciendo की स्थापना 建立
correspondence kɔrɪ’spɔndən(t)s]  соответствие correspondencia पत्रव्यवहार 對應
slowly [‘sləulɪ] медленно despacio धीरे से 慢慢地
fallen [‘fɔːlən] упавший caído गिरा हुआ 墮落
Meet (met) [miːt] встречать reunirse मिलना 遇到
before [bɪ’fɔː] впереди antes de से पहले 之前
wedding [‘wedɪŋ] свадьба Boda शादी 婚禮
Propose (proposed)   [prə’pəuz] предлагать proponer प्रस्ताव 提出
shortly [‘ʃɔːtlɪ] коротко dentro de poco कुछ ही देर में 不久

Inspirational short stories about love

The Trickster Monkey

  There lived a very naughty monkey named Mogri who loved to play pranks on other animals. He would drop rotten fruits on other animals and laugh at their discomfort. Samba the lion didn’t find Mogri’s tricks funny.

It was insulting for the king of the jungle to have rotten fruits flung at him. He warned Mogri, “Wait! I’ll teach you a lesson soon.” But Mogri was too quick and managed to escape each time.

One day, Mogri dropped an overripe mango on Samba’s nose. But unfortunately, the branch on which he was sitting broke and he fell right on the lion’s back. Samba roared in anger and twisted from side to side to shake Mogri off. But the monkey clung tightly onto the lion’s back. Samba charged through the forest, yet Mogri, though terrified, remained on his back.

Finally tired, Samba bent down to drink water from a pond. Mogri took this opportunity to make good his escape. Ever since Mogri was too terrified to play a trick on Samba.

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