Short English stories pdf


Emma:   James, Do you have a family?

James:    Yes, I have a family.

Emma:   How many people are in your family?

James:   My family has five members. They are my mother, father, brother, sister and me.

Emma:   What’s your mother’s name?

James:  My mothers names is Maria

Emma:  What’ is your sister’s name?

James:  My sister’s name is Isabella.

Emma:  James, What is your brother job?

James:  He is an engineer.

Emma:  James, What does your sister do?

James:  She is a student.

Emma:  James, Tell me about yourself.

James:  I am eighteen. I am a student. I like playing computer games and playing football with my friends.

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English vocabulary into Spanish, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Korean with Pronunciation

English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
family [‘fæm(ə)lɪ] семья familia परिवार 家庭
how [hau] как? cómo किस तरह 怎麼樣
many [‘menɪ] многие muchos अनेक 許多
have (has) [hæv] иметь tener है
member [‘membə] член los miembros सदस्य 會員
mother [‘mʌðə] мать madre मां 母親
father [‘fɑːðə] отец padre पिता 父親
sister [‘sɪstə] сестра hermana बहन 妹妹
brother [‘brʌðə] брат hermano भाई 哥哥
me [miː] мне yo मुझे
engineer [ˌenʤɪ’nɪə] инженер ingeniero इंजीनियर 工程師
Tell [tel] говорить contar कहना 告訴
yourself [jɔː’self] себя tú mismo स्वयं 你自己

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Improve your English language skills through reading English short stories

Short English stories pdf

The Fisherman And The Little Fish

A poor Fisherman, who lived on the fish he caught, had bad luck one day and caught nothing but a very small fry. The Fisherman was about to put it in his basket when the little Fish said:

«Please spare me, Mr. Fisherman! I am so small it is not worthwhile to carry me home. When I am bigger, I shall make you a much better meal.»

But the Fisherman quickly put the fish into his basket.

«How foolish I should be,» he said, «to throw you back. However small you may be, you are better than nothing at all.»

Short English stories pdf


One day, while my friend and I were traveling through Germany, we were very hungry but we didn’t have a lot of money. We decided to stop at a village market to get a few groceries. I chose some cookies and went to the front counter to pay. Near the counter I saw some packaged cookies in a large bin. They looked good and were a lot cheaper than the ones I had in my hand, so I took them instead.

We left the store and looked for a place where we could eat. We found a quiet place under a tree and we ate our sandwiches first, and then the cookies and We thought they were great.

«Let’s get these again,» I said. «They’re cheap and they really taste good.»

My friend can read some German, but I can’t, so I gave her the package so she could look for the brand name. She looked at it and then started to laugh.

«Why are you laughing?» I asked.

«Because they’re dog biscuits!» she said.

English stories pdf

The Lion

 One day a lion was walking through the jungle. He was young and very proud. He met a snake and said, “Who is the king of the jungle?”

The snake said, “You are.”    It did not make the lion angry and he smiled.    

Thirty metres later, he met a monkey and asked, “Monkey, Who is the king of the jungle?” The monkey said quickly, “You are.”    The lion smiled and continued on his way.  

Next, the lion met a crocodile. He stopped and asked the crocodile, “Who is the king of the jungle?” The crocodile didn’t answer so the lion roared very loudly. “WHO IS THE KING OF THE JUNGLE?” The crocodile answered quickly, “You are.” The lion was satisfied and said, “Next time, answer quickly or I will eat you!”

Finally, the lion met an elephant. He stopped, looked angrily at the elephant and asked, “Elephant, who is king of the jungle?”  

The elephant picked up the lion with his trunk and dropped him to the ground. The elephant kicked the lion and then jumped on top of him. 

He got up, shook the dirt off and shouted. The lion was very surprised and hurt.



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