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A turtle went to a shop. He said to the shopkeeper, “Please give me some peanuts. I want to give them to my children. They are hungry.” The shopkeeper took a small bag of peanuts. He gave it to the turtle. The turtle gave him money for it. The turtle took the bag. He started to walk to his house. On the way, he felt thirsty.

He put the bag near the road. Then he went to look for water. A monkey was coming down the road. He saw the bag of peanuts. “Ah, what luck !” he said. “I shall have lots of peanuts to eat.”

The monkey picked up the bag. Then he climbed up a tree and began to eat the peanuts. The turtle drank some water and came back. But he could not find the bag of peanuts. Then he heard a sound, ‘Munch-munch, munch-munch. ‘  He looked up and saw a monkey sitting in the tree. He was eating the peanuts. “Give me my bag of peanuts,” said the turtle to the monkey. “It is mine. I paid money for it.”

“No,” said the monkey. “I found the bag. So it is mine.”

“Please give me the bag,” the turtle said again. “My children are hungry and I want to give them these peanuts to eat.”

“I shall not give you the bag,” the monkey said again. “I found it, so it is mine, I am going to eat peanuts.” The monkey had a long tail. It was hanging down. The turtle caught the tail. He gave it a big bite.

Short stories for beginners in english pdf

“OUCH !” the monkey cried loudly. He pulled his tail. But the turtle would not let go. The monkey then threw down the bag of peanuts. “Here, take your peanuts,” he said. “Let go of my tail now.” The turtle left the monkey’s tail and picked up the bag of peanuts. He went home and said, “Children, come and see what I have got for you.”

The children came running. They saw the bag of peanuts and were very happy. They all had a good feed of peanuts.

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short stories in English


English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
short [ʃɔːt] короткий corto कम
story [‘stɔːrɪ] рассказ historia कहानी 故事
turtle [‘tɜːtl] черепаха Tortuga कछुआ
Go (went) [gəu] идти ir चले जाओ
shop [ʃɔp] лавка tienda दुकान
monkey [‘mʌŋkɪ] обезьяна mono बंदर
shopkeeper [‘ʃɔpˌkiːpə] владелец магазина tendero दुकानदार 店主
Say(said) [seɪ] сказать decir कहना
peanut [‘piːnʌt] земляной орех maní मूंगफली 花生
want [wɔnt] желать querer चाहते हैं
give (gave) [gɪv] дать देना देना
them [ðem] они ellos उन्हें 他們
children [‘ʧɪldr(ə)n] дети niños बच्चे 孩子
they [ðeɪ] они ellos वे 他們
hungry [‘hʌŋgrɪ] голодный hambriento भूखे पेट 飢餓
Take (took) [teɪk] брать Tomar लेना 採取
small [smɔːl] Маленький Pequeña छोटा
way путь; дорога; маршрут путь camino मार्ग 辦法
Feel (felt) [fiːl] ощупывать sensación महसूस 感覺
thirsty [‘θɜːstɪ] томимый жаждой sediento प्यासा
put [put] класть poner डाल
near [nɪə] ближний cerca पास में
road [rəud] дорога la carretera सड़क
look [luk] взгляд Mira देखना
down [daun] вниз abajo नीचे
Pick (picked) [pɪk] собирать recoger चुनना
Climb (climbed) [klaɪm] взбираться escalar चढ़ना
tree [triː] дерево árbol पेड़
Begin (began) [bɪ’gɪn] начинать comenzar शुरू करना 開始
Drink (drank) [drɪŋk] пить beber पीना 開始
Hear (heard) [hɪə] слышать Oír सुनो
sound [saund] звук sonar ध्वनि 聲音
mine [maɪn] мой mía मेरी
Pay (paid) [peɪ] платить paga वेतन 工資
money [‘mʌnɪ] деньги dinero पैसे
find (found) [faɪnd] находить encontrar खोज
again [ə’gen ] ещё de nuevo फिर 再次
long [lɔŋ] длинный largo लंबा
tail [teɪl] хвост cola पूंछ 尾巴
Catch (caught) [kæʧ] Ловить Captura पकड़ 抓住
bite [baɪt] кусать mordedura काटना
comfortable [‘kʌmf(ə)təbl] уютный cómodo आरामदायक 自在
cry (cried) [kraɪ] кричать llorar रोना
loudly [‘laudlɪ] громким голосом ruidosamente जोर जोर 高聲
Pull (pulled) [pul] тянуть Halar खींचें
Throw (threw) [θrəu] бросать lanzar फेंकना
feed [fiːd] кормление alimentar चारा 飼料

Short stories for beginners in english pdf

The Trickster Monkey

There lived a very naughty monkey named Mogri who loved to play pranks on other animals. He would drop rotten fruits on other animals and laugh at their discomfort. Samba the lion didn’t find Mogri’s tricks funny. It was insulting for the king of the jungle to have rotten fruits flung at him. He warned Mogri, “Wait! I’ll teach you a lesson soon.” But Mogri was too quick and managed to escape each time.

One day, Mogri dropped an overripe mango on Samba’s nose. But unfortunately, the branch on which he was sitting broke and he fell right on the lion’s back. Samba roared in anger and twisted from side to side to shake Mogri off. But the monkey clung tightly onto the lion’s back. Samba charged through the forest, yet Mogri, though terrified, remained on his back.

Finally tired, Samba bent down to drink water from a pond. Mogri took this opportunity to make good his escape. Ever since Mogri was too terrified to play a trick on Samba.

The Young Girl and the Hen

A Young Girl lived on a farm with her parents. She loved to play with the farm animals. One day, while she was playing with the Hens and their Chicks, a Hen pecked her finger and bit it. “Oh, Papa!” the Young Girl ran to her father, crying and holding out her hand.

The Young Girl’s father asked her, “My bonny little girl! What happened?”

The Young Girl said, “Oh Papa! The Hen hurt me! I am so kind to them, yet one of them bites my fingers every time I go to play with them. They are not nice!”

The Young Girl’s father took her small hand in his own large one. “The poor Hens think you have come to harm them or their little children. So they are scared of you and bite in fear. You should he careful. First play with them from a distance.

When you become friends, then they will never bite you” . Her father continued, “My dear girl. You should try to understand and respect each creature. Even if they are not like us, they also have feelings and fears!”

First, understand people or animals and then get close to them.

Stories for beginners in english pdf

Chico and the Crane

There was a cook named Chico. His master had visitors for dinner and Chico was told to fry a crane. Chico felt hungry and so he ate one leg of the crane.

At dinner time, when the master saw a missing leg, he shouted, “Chico! Why does this crane have only one leg?” Chico replied, “Sir, haven’t you seen cranes before? They only have one leg!” To teach Chico a lesson, next morning, his master took him to the pond nearby.

Chico exclaimed, “Look, Master! Cranes have only one leg!” The master clapped his hands and all the cranes uncurled their other legs and flew away. “You fool! Did you see they have two legs!” cried the master. Clever Chico replied, “Sir, why didn’t you clap your hands at the table? You would have got two legs!”

The Salesman

         Henry Leech was a salesman. He was a good salesman and sold lots of vacuum cleaners. One week, the manager sent Henry into the countryside to sell.  He drive out of town and stopped at a farmhouse. He knocked on the door and the farmer’s wife opened it. Henry started into his speech immediately.  

“Mam, how much time do you spend sweeping the floors? “ “A lot of time. This is a farm and things get dirty quickly.” said the woman. “And how much time do you spend beating the carpets?” asked Henry.

“A lot of time. This house gets dusty and my dog also lays on them”

“Well” said Henry, “This is your lucky day.”   Henry showed her his vacuum cleaner and said,   “You can clean the house in 5 minutes with this!”

The farmer’s wife didn’t look interested. Henry took out a big bag of dirt. He opened it and threw it all over the floor. The farmer’s wife was very surprised. Before she could speak Henry said, “ Mam, if this machine doesn’t pick up every last piece of dirt, I will eat all of it!!!!!” The farmer’s wife looked at Henry and said,  



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