Simple english stories for beginners

My name is Tom. I am ten years old. And this is my best friend Dan. I have two sisters, Anna and Rita. Anna is seven and Rita is five years old. There is a big toy shop near our house. It is Mr. Sharon’s shop. It is our favorite toy shop. There are many beautiful toys in the shop.

Simple english stories for beginners-" Toys  (beginner)"

Dan and I usually come to Mr. Sharon’s shop in the afternoon. We like to stop at the window and look at the toys.

Mr. Sharon has small toys and big toys. He has some big airplanes on the shelf. We like to look at these airplanes. He has some pretty dolls on another shelf. Anna and Rita like to look at the dolls too.

Mr. Sharon has many games and books in his shop. Sometimes our parents buy toys for us here. Mr. Sharon is a nice man. We like him and his toy shop.

English short stories for beginners

Birthday present

Mia’s father had a laboratory. She had no idea about laboratory. Her dad always closed and locked the door. He used it to do projects. He never told Mia about projects.

One night, Mia came to the door of laboratory. She thought about her father’s crazy experiment. She heard a loud noise. It sounded like an evil laugh. The noise scared her and she walked back to her room. Her friend Liz came to her house next day. Mia told her about the night. Liz wanted to see the laboratory. Mia felt nervous about going into her father’s laboratory, but she agreed. As always, the door was locked. Mia’s father left the laboratory to eat dinner. Then they entered the laboratory.

The laboratory was dark. The girls walked down the stairs carefully. Mia smelled strange chemicals. They heard an evil laugh. Mia had to do something. She shouted for help. Mia’s father came into the room and turned on the lights. “Oh, no,” he said. “You must have learned my secret.” “Your monster tried to kill us,” Mia said. “Monster?” he asked. “You mean this?” He had a pretty doll in his hands. The doll laughed. The laugh didn’t sound so evil anymore. “I made this for your birthday and I wanted to give it to you. I hope you like it!”

Simple english stories for beginners

The Friendly Ghost

A nice woman lived near the river. She loved children. She loved everyone. Everyone loved her. She lived a very long time and became very wise.

One day she died. She became a ghost. But every night she came to her house. She wanted to help children. But she had a scary voice. Children were afraid of her. The ghost was a good one. She only scared them for help. One night, some children and a dog were playing by the river. They were having fun with their pet. They were far from home. The weather became bad. It rained and rained. The river was rising. It was very dark. The children were lost. They needed to go north and They didn’t know the way to home. They saw a ghost by the river. The ghost said, “Go away!”

The children were afraid of her. They knew it was a ghost. The ghost moved closer. The children became very upset. Some of them began to cry. The children ran a long distance away. The ghost followed them. Finally, the children came home. The ghost was very happy. Soon the river rose higher and higher. It was very dangerous. The ghost helped! She saved them from the rising water. Sometimes, meeting a ghost has advantages. A ghost can save your live.

English short stories for beginners

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