Short story in english easy pdf

Lukas Vondracek is ten year old. He is very shy, but every year he travels the world and meet hundreds of people. Lukas is a brilliant pianist. He gives lots of concerts. Last year he was in Washington, Chicago, and London. He is sometimes called “the new Mozart”. He says “I am shy, but I love giving concerts.”

Lukas was born in Opava in the Czech Republic. But now he lives with his parents in Vienna. He practises the piano six hours a day. He goes to school two days week. Lukas could play the piano when he was two. He could read music before he could read books. Now he can write music, too.

Lukas doesn’t just play the piano, he plays football and ice hockey. He says: “ Mozart was poor and he couldn’t play football, so I’m not like him at all!”.

Short story in english easy pdf

English short stories for beginners

The Brave mouse

A lion was once sleeping in the jungle when a mouse started running up and down his body just for fun. This disturbed the lion’s sleep, and he woke up quite angry. He was about to eat the mouse when the mouse desperately requested the lion to set him free. “I promise you, I will be of great help to you someday if you save me.” The lion laughed at the mouse’s confidence and let him go.

One day, a few hunters came into the forest and took the lion with them. They tied him up against a tree. The lion was struggling to get out and started to whimper. Soon, the mouse walked past and noticed the lion in trouble. Quickly, he ran and gnawed on the ropes to set the lion free. Both of them sped off into the jungle.

short story in english easy pdf

Two Friends and The bear

One day, two best friends were walking on a lonely and dangerous path through a jungle. As the sun began to set, they grew afraid but held on to each other. Suddenly, they saw a bear in their path. One of the boys ran to the nearest tree and climbed it in a jiffy. The other boy did not know how to climb the tree by himself, so he lay on the ground, pretending to be dead.

The bear approached the boy on the ground and sniffed around his head. After appearing to whisper something in the boy’s ear, the bear went on its way. The boy on the tree climbed down and asked his friend what the bear had whispered in his ear. He replied, “Do not trust friends who do not care for you.”

Short story in english easy pdf

Friends Forever

Once upon a time, there lived a mouse and a frog. Who were the best of friends. Every morning, the frog would hop out of the pond to visit the mouse, who lived inside the hole of the tree. He would spend time with the mouse and go back home. One day, the frog realised that he was making too much of an effort to visit the mouse. While the mouse never came to meet him at the pond. This made him angry. He decided to make things right by forcefully taking him to his house.

When the mouse wasn’t looking. The frog tied a string to the mouse’s tail and tied the other end to his own leg, and hopped away. The mouse started getting dragged with him. Then, the frog jumped into the pond to swim. However, when he looked back. He saw that the mouse had started to drown and was struggling to breathe!

The frog quickly untied the string from his tail and took him to the shore. Seeing the mouse with his eyes barely open made the frog very sad. He immediately regretted pulling him into the pond.

English short stories for beginners