Easy short story pdf

Easy short story pdf free download

My student life

I’m a student. I want to tell you about my student life in English. It’s good practice for you and me! I study at the Queen Mary University of London.

I’m in a class with eight students. They’re all from different countries: Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Poland, and Italy. Our teacher’s name is Sophia. She’s very nice and a very good teacher.

I live in an apartment with two American girls, Annie, and Marnie Kass. They are sisters. Annie’s twenty years old. Marnie’s eighteen. They’re very friendly, but it isn’t easy to understand them. They speak very fast!

London is very big, very exciting but very expensive city! The subway isn’t difficult to use and it’s cheap. It’s cheap. It’s very cold now but The River Thames is lovely in the snow. I’m very happy here.


Amrita is a scientist. She comes from Bangalore in India but now She lives in England and She works three days a week at the Institute of Molecular Biology in London. She speaks three languages: English, French, and German. She’s married and has a daughter. She likes skiing in winter and going for walks in summer.

Easy short story pdf free download


James is a doctor. He’s English but now he lives in Switzerland in the small town of Interlaken. He isn’t an ordinary doctor, he’s flying doctor. Every day, from 8 a.m to10 a.m. he speaks to people on his radio, then ha flies to help them.

He works 16 hours a day non-stop but he loves his job and He isn’t married. He has no free time

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English Pronunciation Russian Spanish
want [wɔnt] желать, хотеть querer
tell [tel] говорить contar
life [laɪf] жизнь vida
practice [‘præktɪs] практика entrenamiento
study [‘stʌdɪ] изучение estudiar
class [klɑːs] класс clase
with [wɪð] с con
different [‘dɪfrənt] разный  
country [‘kʌntrɪ] страна Pueblo país
our [‘auə] наш Nuestro
teacher [‘tiːʧə] учитель, учительница profesora
live [lɪv] жить Vivir
apartment [ə’pɑːtmənt] комната apartamento
friendly [‘frendlɪ] дружелюбный amistoso
easy [‘iːzɪ] лёгкий fácil
understand [ˌʌndə’stænd] понимать entender
them [ðem] они ellos
fast [fɑːst] быстрый rápido
exciting [ɪk’saɪtɪŋ ] возбуждающий emocionante
expensive [ɪk’spen(t)sɪv ] дорогой caro
city [‘sɪtɪ] город ciudad
difficult [‘dɪfɪk(ə)lt] трудный difícil
use [juːz] использовать utilizar
cheap [ʧiːp] дешёвый Barato
cold [kəuld] холодный frío
river [‘rɪvə] река río
lovely [‘lʌvlɪ] красивый encantador
snow [snəu] снег nieve
happy [‘hæpɪ] счастливый contento
here [hɪə] здесь, тут aquí

Vocabulary  for English short stories for beginner “ My student life”

English Pronunciation Indian Chinese
want [wɔnt] चाहते हैं
tell [tel] कहना 告訴
life [laɪf] जिंदगी 生活
practice [‘præktɪs] ट्रेनिंग 訓練
study [‘stʌdɪ] अध्ययन
class [klɑːs] कक्षा
with [wɪð] साथ में
different [‘dɪfrənt]    
country [‘kʌntrɪ] गाँव देश 國家
our [‘auə] हमारे 我們的
teacher [‘tiːʧə] अध्यापक 老師
live [lɪv] जीना 生活
apartment [ə’pɑːtmənt] फ्लैट 公寓
friendly [‘frendlɪ] अनुकूल 友好
easy [‘iːzɪ] आसान 簡單
understand [ˌʌndə’stænd] समझना 理解
them [ðem] उन्हें 他們
fast [fɑːst] उपवास 快速
exciting [ɪk’saɪtɪŋ ] उत्तेजक 扣人心弦
expensive [ɪk’spen(t)sɪv ] महंगा 昂貴
city [‘sɪtɪ] शहर
difficult [‘dɪfɪk(ə)lt] कठिन
use [juːz] उपयोग 使用
cheap [ʧiːp] सस्ता 廉價
cold [kəuld] सर्दी
river [‘rɪvə] नदी
lovely [‘lʌvlɪ] सुंदर 可愛
snow [snəu] हिमपात
happy [‘hæpɪ] खुश 快樂
here [hɪə] यहाँ 這裡

Vocabulary  for English short stories for beginner “About James”

English Pronunciation Russian Spanish
scientist [‘saɪəntɪst] научный работник científica
come [kʌm] подходить; идти ven
but [bʌt] но pero
now [nau] сейчас ahora
live [lɪv] жить Vivir
week [wiːk] неделя semana
speak [spiːk] говорить hablar
language [‘læŋgwɪʤ] язык idioma
married [‘mærɪd] женатый conyugal
daughter [‘dɔːtə] дочь hija
skiing [‘skiːɪŋ] катание на лыжах esquí
winter [‘wɪntə] зима invierno
walk [wɔːk] ходить caminar
summer  [‘sʌmə] лето verano

Easy short story pdf

Vocabulary  for English short stories for beginner “About James”

English Pronunciation Indian Chinese
scientist [‘saɪəntɪst] वैज्ञानिक 科學家
come [kʌm] आइए
but [bʌt] परंतु
now [nau] अभी 現在
live [lɪv] जीना 生活
week [wiːk] सप्ताह
speak [spiːk] बोले 說話
language [‘læŋgwɪʤ] भाषा 語言
married [‘mærɪd] शादी हो 已婚
daughter [‘dɔːtə] बेटी 女兒
skiing [‘skiːɪŋ] स्कीइंग 滑雪
winter [‘wɪntə] सर्दी 冬季
walk [wɔːk] टहल लो 步行
summer  [‘sʌmə] गर्मी 夏季

Vocabulary  for English short stories for beginner “About James”

English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
live [lɪv] жить Vivir जीना 生活
small [smɔːl] Маленький Pequeña छोटा
town [taun] город; городок pueblo नगर
ordinary [‘ɔːd(ə)n(ə)rɪ] обычный ordinario साधारण 普通
help [help] помогать ayuda मदद 救命
non(-)stop [ˌnɔn’stɔp] безостановочный sin escalas बिना रुके 馬不停蹄
married [‘mærɪd] женатый conyugal शादी हो 已婚
free [friː] свободный gratis मुक्त 自由
time [taɪm] время hora पहर 時間

Easy short story pdf

Vocabulary  for English short stories for beginner “About Amrita”

English Pronunciation Indian Chinese
live [lɪv] जीना 生活
small [smɔːl] छोटा
town [taun] नगर
ordinary [‘ɔːd(ə)n(ə)rɪ] साधारण 普通
help [help] मदद 救命
non(-)stop [ˌnɔn’stɔp] बिना रुके 馬不停蹄
married [‘mærɪd] शादी हो 已婚
free [friː] मुक्त 自由
time [taɪm] पहर 時間

Easy short story pdf

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The Bamboo Princess

An old bamboo-cutter was going home through the shades of evening. Far away among the stalks of the feathery bamboo he saw a soft light. He went nearer to see what it was, and found it came from within one of the stalks.

He opened the bamboo stalk carefully, and found a tiny baby girl. She was only a few inches tall, but as beautiful as a fairy. Indeed he wondered if she were not really a fairy.

He carried her home and told his wife how he had found her. They were very glad for they had no child, so they loved her as their own. In a few years she had grown to be a young woman. She was as sweet and kind as she was beautiful. A soft light always seemed to follow her.

When the time came to name her they called her The Bamboo Princess, because she was found among the bamboo, and because she was more beautiful than any princess.

People heard of how beautiful she was, and many peeped through the hedge at the edge of the garden in hopes of seeing her. All who saw her thought she was so lovely that they came back for another glimpse.

Among those who came often to the hedge were five princes. Each one thought The Bamboo Princess the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and each wished her for his wife.

Easy short story

So each of the five wrote to the father of the princess asking to marry her. It so happened that all five letters were brought to the old man at the same time.

The old man did not know which one to choose, nor what to do. He was afraid, too, that if he chose one of the princes, the other four would be angry. But the princess had a plan. “Have them all come here,” she said, “then we can choose better.”

On a certain day the five princes came to the house of the bamboo-cutter. They were very glad to have another chance to see her, and each one thought he would be the one she would marry.The princess did not wish to marry any of them. She wanted stay with her dear father and mother. She wished to take care of them as long as they lived. So she gave each one something to do which was impossible.

The first she asked to go to India and find the great stone bowl of Buddha. The second one was to bring her a branch from the jeweled trees that grew on the floating mountain of Horai.

Third prince

The third prince asked what he might do to show his love. The princess said that he might bring her a robe made from the skins of the fire rats.

She asked the fourth to bring a jewel from the neck of the sea dragon, and the fifth prince offered to bring her the shell which the swallows keep hidden in their nests.

The princes hurried away, each anxious to be the first to return, and so marry the beautiful Bamboo Princess.