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– Good morning, pupils -Good morning, teacher!How are you today? Are you fine? -Yes, fine.Well, today we learn numbers. We learn to count from zero to hundred. Please, kids, repeat after me.

1 2 3 4 5
one two three four five
[θriː] [tuː] [θriː] [fɔː] [faɪv]
6 7 8 9 10
six seven eight nine ten
[sɪks] [‘sev(ə)n] [eɪt] [naɪn] [ten]
11 12 13 14 15
eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen
[ɪ’lev(ə)n ] [twelv] [θɜː’tiːn] [ˌfɔː’tiːn] [ˌfɪf’tiːn]
16 17 18 19 20
sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty
[ˌsɪk’stiːn] [ˌsev(ə)n’tiːn]  [ˌeɪ’tiːn] [ˌnaɪn’tiːn] [‘twentɪ]
20 30 40 50 60
twenty thirty forty fifty sixty
[‘twentɪ] [‘θɜːtɪ] [‘fɔːtɪ] [‘fɪftɪ] [‘sɪkstɪ]
70 80 90 100
seventy eighty ninety hundred
[‘sev(ə)ntɪ] [‘eɪtɪ] [‘naɪntɪ] [‘hʌndrəd ]

English story books for beginners pdf

Twenty+one=twenty one=21

21 32 43 54
twenty one thirty two forty three fifty four
65 76 87 98
sixty five seventy six eighty seven ninety eight


English stories for beginners

101      one hundred one

116      one hundred sixteen

144      one hundred forty-four

212      two hundred twelve

271      two hundred seventy-one

621      six hundred twenty-one

999      nine hundred ninety-nine


101      one hundred and one

116      one hundred and sixteen

144      one hundred and forty-four

212      two hundred and twelve

271      two hundred and seventy-one

621      six hundred and twenty-one

999      nine hundred and ninety-nine

1000 Thousand [‘θauz(ə)nd]

-Your homework is to learn the numbers.

Ok, teacher. Thank you!

English short stories for beginners-8

English stories for beginners


English Pronunciation Russian Spanish Indian Chinese
number [‘nʌmbə] число número संख्या
pupil [‘pjuːp(ə)l] ученик alumno छात्र 学生
how [hau] как? cómo किस तरह 怎麼樣
today [tə’deɪ] сегодня hoy आज 今天
fine [faɪn] прекрасный multa ठीक 精細
well [wel] хорошо bien कुंआ
learn [lɜːn] учиться aprender सीखना 學習
count [kaunt] подсчёт contar गिनती 計數
zero [‘zɪərəu] нуль cero शून्य
kid [kɪd] ребёнок niño बच्चा 孩子
repeat [rɪ’piːt] повторять repetir दोहराना 重複

English short stories for beginners-8

English story books for beginners pdf

The Monkeys and a Bell

Once, there lived a Thief in a kingdom. One day, he stole a Church bell and ran into the forest. Soon, a Tiger saw the Thief, pounced upon him and killed him. The bell dropped to the ground.

Some Monkeys found the bell and started playing with it. When the people found the Thief’s body they thought, ‘A monster must have killed him and then rung the bell? He will kill all of us now!’

They got scared and started leaving the kingdom.

One day, a brave and clever woman was passing through the forest and saw the Monkeys playing with the bell.
She had a plan and told the King, “Your Majesty! The monster can be conquered. But it will cost money.”

The King agreed to pay her a large sum of money as he was concerned about the safety of his people.

Then, the woman collected a lot of fruits and pretended to pray. Later, she kept them under a tree in the forest, and waited, nearby. When the monkeys saw the fruits, they dropped the bell and rushed down.

She quickly picked up the bell and ran back to the city.

Intelligence and courage will bring success.

English story books for beginners pdf

Half Educated

Once there lived a wolf and a jackal. One day, the wolf bragged to the jackal, “You are not even half as educated as me.” The jackal quietly agreed, but suddenly a tiger roared, “Nobody is as educated as I am.”

The wolf froze seeing the tiger while the jackal quickly thought of a plan to escape. “Sure you are, Sir and, therefor, we were coming to you for help,” replied the jackal.

“We want you to decide who among the two of us should eat the chickens.” “First show me the chickens,” growled the tiger, who was thinking of savouring not only the chickens, also the healthy jackal and the wolf. The jackal to him to a small cave and said, “Sir, you have to enter the cave to see the chickens.”

As soon as the greedy tiger went inside, the clever jackal covered the entrance with a huge boulder. might be more educated, but you are definitely not smarter than me!” called out the jackal. “I was wrong,” acknowledged the wolf, “you are certainly cleverer than me.

English short stories for beginners-8

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